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Coupang Files for IPO as South Korea Heads Into Boom Year 쿠팡의 뉴욕증시 IPO에 이어 크래프톤도 한국에서 상장하면서 한국에 스타트업 IPO붐이 일 것이라고 예측한 블룸버그 기사. 감사하게도 제 Quote가 많이 나왔습니다! “Coupang has still much room to grow,” said Jungwook Lim, managing partner at the Seoul-based venture capital firm TBT. “With the billions of dollars it will raise from an IPO, Coupang may keep widening the gap from its competitors.” Lim of TBT viewed it as a positive sign that Coupang has been able to build out its services, while keeping costs under control. “Although Coupang is expanding into food-delivery and video streaming businesses, it’s cutting the size of losses and its cash flow turned positive,” he said.

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2021년 2월 15일 오전 7:55

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