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SoftBank Group is investing $146 million in Qraft Technologies Inc. to gain access to the money manager’s artificial-intelligence tools and help seed the startup’s growth. Qraft, which manages $1.7 billion for Asian banks and insurance companies and through its lineup of U.S.-listed exchange-traded funds, built a software platform that mines market data for promising stocks. Asset managers, once skeptical of the value of AI and mindful of their staffs’ concerns that the programs would replace human stock- and bond-pickers, are now looking to add data-analysis tools that can help them combat chronic underperformance and justify the fees they charge investors. 크래프트 - 2018년 미래에셋그룹 전략투자 집행했던 기업.

WSJ News Exclusive | SoftBank Invests in Artificial-Intelligence Startup Qraft Technologies


2022년 1월 10일 오후 3:02

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