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Clean Tech 1.0의 실패처럼 보였던 시도로부터 새롭게 전기를 맞은 현재의 Clean Tech 2.0 aka Climate Tech 트렌드까지, 포괄적인 조망을 담은 FT 기사. 몇몇 흥미로운 관점. 1. Clean Tech 1.0이 실패했던 원인에 대한 또 다른 관점: Today he[Roscheisen] blames Silicon Valley’s “moon shoot” approach of only looking for big breakthroughs rather than steadily making improvements to clean energy technologies through increased production. 2. Clean Tech 1.0은 실패가 아니었다는 관점: Khosla, who has remained invested in the sector despite some of the solar companies he put money into going bankrupt when China dominated the market, says some of the start-ups from the first wave did actually succeed, such as Elon Musk’s electric carmaker Tesla, which has now provided a role model to other entrepreneurs. “I don’t consider clean tech 1.0 a failure — it’s the usual venture model, one out of a hundred give you a thousand X [times] return,” Khosla says. 3. 빌 게이츠의 주도로, 제프 베이조스, 리처드 브랜슨 등이 참여하는 Breakthrough Energy coalition의 투자 관점: The fund only invests in start-ups that have the potential to remove 500m tonnes of greenhouse gases a year from the atmosphere — around 1 per cent of global emissions. 4. Clean Tech 2.0 vs. Clean Tech 1.0 “I’m not going to tell you that in clean tech 2.0, the failure risk has gone down considerably . . . We’re taking as much if not more technical risk but lowering the overall systemic risk.”

Clean tech 2.0: Silicon Valley's new bet on start-ups fighting climate change

Financial Times

2021년 4월 2일 오후 10:52

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