NYT에 곧 자서전을 내는 디즈니 밥 아이거CEO 인터뷰가 실렸는데 트위터에 대한 언급 부분이 흥미로움. 트위터를 디즈니가 인수하려다가 막판에 뒤집었는데 밥 아이거가 직접 트위터를 써보면서 "The nastiness is extraordinary."라고 느꼈다고. 너무나 부정적인 기운이 넘치는 SNS라 디즈니 브랜드와 맞지 않다고 여겼다는 것. 이 이야기 이외에도 픽사, 마블, 루카스 등 인수건이나 잡스와의 에피소드 등 흥미로운 부분이 많아 나중에 자서전도 읽고 싶어졌음. "And what about the moment when the Happiest Place on Earth thought about annexing the Nastiest Place on Earth? Mr. Iger writes in the book about how he pulled the plug at the last minute on a deal to buy Twitter, thinking it could help Disney modernize its distribution. But he had a feel in his gut it wasn’t right, and called a stunned Jack Dorsey to tell him. “The troubles were greater than I wanted to take on, greater than I thought it was responsible for us to take on,” he tells me. “There were Disney brand issues, the whole impact of technology on society. The nastiness is extraordinary. I like looking at my Twitter newsfeed because I want to follow 15, 20 different subjects. Then you turn and look at your notifications and you’re immediately saying, why am I doing this? Why do I endure this pain? Like a lot of these platforms, they have the ability to do a lot of good in our world. They also have an ability to do a lot of bad. I didn’t want to take that on.”"

The Slow-Burning Success of Disney’s Bob Iger


The Slow-Burning Success of Disney’s Bob Iger

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