10 ESG Questions Companies Need to Answer 1. Is ESG undermining your company’s competitiveness? 2. Does driving the ESG agenda mean sacrificing company returns? → Business leaders should be aware of the risk that a dogged ESG focus could be seen by some shareholders as harmful or compromising financial shareholder returns. That said, ESG advocates suggest that returns from ESG investment funds are not lower than those of traditional equity funds. In fact, returns can be higher than on broad base indices. 3. How are you navigating ESG trade-offs? 4. How does ESG change due diligence? 5. Should you become a public benefit corporation? 6. How should corporations address societal concerns such as racial equity? 7. How do you develop a global approach to ESG? 8. How do you build an ESG framework that is future-proofed for tomorrow’s economic realities? → Business leaders need to focus on ESG design and a system of thinking that applies to how the economy will be shaped in the future — not just how it is structured today. 9. How do you vet company performance of ESG? 10. How should corporations navigate the ever-changing landscape of ESG?

10 ESG Questions Companies Need to Answer

Harvard Business Review

10 ESG Questions Companies Need to Answer

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